Civic Seal

The Civic Engagement Diploma Seal is a formal recognition that a student has reached a high level of civic knowledge, skills, and experiences. Completing the requirements means you will get the seal on your diploma.


Social Studies

You must satisfy the Social Studies requirements for high school. This includes world history, American history, government, and economics courses. This means you can not fully complete the seal until senior year. 

Civic Hours

50 hours are required for completion of the seal, 15 must be civic activities and the other 45 are Civic or general service hours. Model UN counts for civic hours so you can get all 50 from Model UN. You also get 10 hours for each elective social studies class that you pass.

Spreadsheet for Wheeler delegates

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Skills Test

To complete the seal you must pass the American Government Basic Skills Test, It is very similar to the citizenship test and should be very easy, you will also take this test in your government class.


Lastly, you must do a presentation to show what you have learned, this is a simple powerpoint that should not take a ton of effort. You list your scores and talk about your experience and how it has improved you.