WMUNC 2024

We have decided to host our second conference: WMUNC the date has not yet been decided, but will be available to both high schools and middle schools It will include one General Assembly committee, one ad-hoc committee, and one Crisis committee. We have worked tirelessly for months to make this conference a reality, and we hope you will join us. We promise this day will be full of great memories and fun experiences.

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WMUNC 2023

WMUNC 2024 Committees 

  • GA
  • AdHoc
  • Crisis


Benefits of Model UN for Delegates

Diplomacy and Negotiation Skills

Model United Nations hones diplomatic skills which have a wide variety of applications as delegates engage in debates and discussions, build consensus between different viewpoints, and foster a deep understanding of and love for global affairs. Delegates learn how to navigate delicate discussions and think on their feet to respond to unexpected events.

Public Speaking and Communication

Through practice addressing large assemblies and defending their positions, delegates gain confidence in their speaking abilities. However, as effective communication requires not only speaking but also active listening, delegates must learn how to ask insightful questions and listen to other’s opinions. These strengthen persuasive communication skills, as delegates much work to gain support for their resolutions.

Leadership and Teamwork

Firstly, experience gained while participating in Model UN conferences assists delegates in developing key leadership qualities such as decision-making and collaboration. The responsibilities that come with active participation in conferences instill a sense of accountability and commitment. Additionally, these skills allow delegates to be leaders who can foster a welcoming environment which teaches the importance of teamwork, compromise, and conflict resolution.


“We’re in a world full of so much hate that we don’t even try to understand anybody else, but Model UN is a place where we all can come together.”

– Hadley Biggs