Delegate Preparation

Delegates may find various resources attached below, including a document that details all parliamentary procedures specific to WMUNC. In order to find conference-specific rules, ask your committee chair or look up “[Conference Name] Parliamentary Procedure.” 

Position Papers

The link for the General Assembly & Specialized Bodies Position Paper Rubric is linked below. All delegates will be expected to submit a paper in order to be eligible for awards. Position papers will be due March 20th and should be emailed to

General Assembly

Another important note: delegates are NOT required to write a position paper for the secondary topic. They will be expected to write a position paper for only the primary; anything extra will not be graded by our team. However, we strongly recommend all delegates do some research on the secondary topic prior to the conference. 

GA Position Paper Rubric


The Crisis Committee has determined a rubric for The Guildmaster Crisis. EVERY DELEGATE participating in this Crisis is REQUIRED to submit a position paper and will be disqualified from any awards if they fail to do so. More information is listed in the Background Guide, and the rubric is also linked below.

Crisis Position Paper Rubric

Operative Clauses

  • Never have an A without a B
  • Use words ending in an s, action words
  • Be sure to answer all your Pre-ambulatories

Pre-ambulatory Clauses

  • This outlines the problems addressed
  • Use words ending in an “ing”
  • Italicize the first word

Parliamentary Procedure

Here is a comprehensive list of any motions/vocabulary you may encounter during the committee. These are specific to the 2023 WMUNC conference, so some may not have definitions. 

GA Parli Pro

Crisis Parli Pro

This document will be used for the crisis committee. List of characters can be found under ‘Committee Information and Background Guides.’

Crisis Parli Pro

Position Paper Example

Here is an example of a Model Position Paper that you may reference to aid in your writing!

Position Paper Example

Picture Albums

Photo Album List from past conferences for Wheeler MUN members