– 2024

Wheeler Model United Nations’ first conference was hosted on March 23, 2024. There were 3 committees, DISEC, UNEP, and Crisis, with DISEC and UNEP doing an ADHOC at the end of it. It was a great success, and everyone had a blast. 



Topics: Various Forms of Resource Extraction and Consequences on Member States

Eric Le – ROK – Best Delegate
Reya Jain – Russia – Distinguished Delegate
Saanvi Tetali – Brazil – Best Researched

UNEP, our beginners committee had a great time learning the different aspects of Model UN and debating Resource Extraction before combining with DISEC for an incredible ADHOC committee.


Topics: Addressing the Advancement of Cyberwarfare Technologies 

Katie Yu – Australia – Best Delegate
Ilia Ravid – Poland – Distinguished Delegate
Nia Banks – Canada – Best Researched


DISEC had a great, deep debate on cyberwarfare technologies, coming to well-thought-out resolutions. Then it combined with UNEP for the ADHOC committee.


Rahul Pandit – Szadek – Best Delegate
Sophia Higgins – Zegana – Distinguished Delegate
Krish Chugh – Lazav – Best Researched
Lars Peterson – Rakdos – Honorable Mention

Crisis had an amazing time solving and causing problems in the detailed world of Ravnica. Releasing monsters, impersonating people, uncovering artifacts, and more.


Image Album

All the pictures that were taken at WMUNC I