“We’re in a world full of so much hate that we don’t even try to understand anybody else, and Model UN is a place where we all can come together.” 
-Hadley Biggs


  • General Assembly  1 – DISEC
  • General Assembly 4 – SPECPOL 
  • General Assembly 6 – LEGAL
  • UNEP 
  • Crisis – Guildmaster’s of Ravnica

WMUNC 2023

After seeing great success in the past two years at many conferences, and frequently getting complements when receiving awards that our member knew more about MUN than the dais’s we have made the decision to host our own conference on October 28 – 29 this year. It will include four General Assembly committees, and one crisis committee. We have worked tirelessly for months to make this conferenced a reality and we hope you will join us.

Committee Info

Registration Info

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